Steering financial markets through a crisis – a first-hand account

In 2006, at just 35 years of age, following a stellar career as a financier and economist in the US, Kevin Warsh was appointed to the US Federal Reserve Board, handpicked by the then Chairman Ben Bernanke. Within two years, the global financial crisis hit. Kevin played a key role in navigating the chaos and brings a first-hand account of the way the United States central bank steered a course through the turmoil. In this episode, Kevin joins Hamish Douglass, and shares his remarkable insights on the current global economic landscape. What role can central banks play in controlling inflation? Will asset bubbles burst? And where does that leave investors? (Listening time: 48 mins)


Global Equities Strategy Update

Hamish Douglass, MFG Asset Management’s Chairman and CIO, reflects on a remarkable 12 months since the pandemic shook global markets, he discusses portfolio performance over recent months and his view on the current state of the market including the recent volatility and trending investor exuberance. (Viewing time: 29 mins) 


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